Twitter #ItalyFoodWeek

Raising awareness about food issues, one hashtag at a time
Project Details
Twitter Italy

Food and its role in society is one of the defining issues of our time, and nowhere more so than in Italy. And when Twitter Italy partnered with Italy’s Ministry of Agriculture to promote #ItalyFoodWeek, seven days of talks and awareness-raising events, they came to us to help them promote the initiative.
The week-long event ran from 14-20 October, and featured a series of dedicated hashtags on reducing food waste, sourcing food locally and taking time to eat together. We created a dedicated responsive landing page, refreshed and restyled daily to accompany each new hashtag, with an embedded Twitter feed to highlight the campaign’s diffusion throughout the Twittersphere.
We also created PR material for the big event kickoff press conference, including infographics, print booklets and the event schedule.
The social conversation engaged everyone from chefs to food writers, media, governmental bodies, non-profits and Italy’s most extraordinary foodies. Despite its robust health, the Twitter Italy office was closed soon after ― which left a bittersweet aftertaste for a last campaign that was an unqualified success, earning over 6 million Twitter visualizations.