Twitter Domination Campaign

Capturing attention through total domination of advertising space
Project Details
Twitter Italy
Digital communcation, print

When you really want to get noticed, it’s no use doing things halfway. When Twitter Italy decided they wanted to increase uptake among media companies (whose offices are predominantly clustered around metro line M2’s Assago Nord station) the social media giant decided to reach B2B customers through traditional B2C, above-the-line advertising. And to super-size it.
To get their advertising in front of the target’s nose, Twitter asked us to help them create a month-long Station Domination campaign in the Assago Nord station to encourage Twitter signups via free Twitter-sponsored wi-fi.
We created print and LCD digital posters and adhesives that blanketed every available advertising space. We also created an explainer video distributed via Twitter Italy that detailed the process of creation.
The result was a print campaign that got people, and the press, talking.