Polinelli Blast 2017 Catalogue

Catalogue restyling for one of the biggest names in ski goggles
Project Details

For 40 years Polinelli (now an FGX company) has been one of the brightest names in ski goggles on the national and international scene. But to introduce the new product lines in their Polinelli Blast Sport Winter 2017-2018 Catalogue they wanted a restyling that broke from the past and pointed to the future.
We first tackled the format, which we updated from a horizontal A4 to a more modern and compact 21x24cm. Next came the color palette: ice-tonesof blue and gray to evoke the mountain andglaciers. The muted, mysterious tones help throw the dazzling action photography into sharp relief.
Then we designed a series of infographics and icons for every product to help clients quickly understand the main differences of performance and protection, allowing customers to select their best fit with efficiency and confidence.
To stay an industry leader, you’ve got to know how to change with, and anticipate, the times. Polinelli knows that staying on top takes a product catalogue engineered, like their own cutting edge snow goggles, for high-impact performance.