Lindt Wholesale Catalogue

Putting the product catalogue on display for wholesalers
Project Details
Lindt & Sprüngli Italy

It all starts with a stellar product line. But to make sure that line and your brand shine in a crowded field, you need a product catalogue that offers clarity and thoroughness in addition to a special emphasis on offers and promotions.
That’s why since 2010 Lindt & Sprüngli has called on us to communicate to their wholesalers news, offers and deals on their wide range of chocolates, sweets and biscuits.
And every year, while always working in the celebrated company’s unmistakable style, we’ve continued to amplify and clarify the catalogue with infographics explaining how the products are made and their ingredients, as well as new product lines.
From a strictly graphic point of view, the gold and brown palette offer the perception of elegance and richness typical of premium products like these.