Lindt Easter Displays

Prestigious retail positioning for the Gold Bunny in 1000 supermarkets nationwide
Project Details
Lindt & Sprüngli Italy

Lindt needed the agency best able to deliver impactful salespoint displays for the year’s biggest sales periods. From among the proposals from competing agencies, ours was chosen to represent Lindt in 1000 super- and hypermarkets across Italy.
What’s technically tricky about sales aisle displays is that among 1000 supermarkets no two are exactly alike. So our retail displays had to be modular and flexible so they could adapt and look sharp in myriad different configurations. And in terms of concept, the displays had to make a big impact in a visually noisy environment. The Gold Bunny is the undisputed Easter hero, and we made springtime his realm, with the welcome arch and upright elements to create the feeling of walking into a fresh spring garden.
We delivered the designs and the displays appeared prominently in supermarkets around Italy during the month leading up to Easter.
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