Linde Material Handling DettoTraNoi

Restyling of an internal company magazine for a web-savvy public
Project Details
Linde Material Handling Italy

The web has transformed the way we read everything: even texts in paper-and-print newsletters and magazines have got to be succinct, immediate and optimized for reading.
It’s with this need to modernize in mind that Linde Material Handling Italy ― a leading producer of forklifts who we’ve been working with since 2013 ― asked us to restyle their trimestral internal company magazine, DettoTraNoi.
We started with the layout and pagination itself, selecting an A3 format inspired by English tabloids. Then we combined this with a blog-style web-oriented layout. When it came to the graphics, we created icons and infographics to accompany the text and really make it pop.
In terms of content, we worked to push shorter, more briefer texts with more visual elements. This both helps make the texts more reader-friendly but also, importantly, helps the editors publish with greater frequency.