eBay What’s Cooking Event

Designing a winning recipe for a corporate partner networking event
Project Details
eBay UK
Print, Branding, Web Design + UX

What’s your company’s recipe for success? For eBay UK it’s the winning combination of the right partners, skills and experience. And their Partner Day in London was a chance to bring those all of them to the table for a day of networking and relationship building.
For the event, eBay came to us to design and develop the concept, logo and promotional materials for the corporate event promotion. What’s Cooking: A Recipe for Success was the natural choice, invoking the successful synergy so tangible when a great recipe comes off in the kitchen.
We also created Save-the-date invitations, roll ups, and some great swag in the form of pens, notepads and a theme-perfect lunch box. To top it off, we designed a PowerPoint presentation to kick off the successful event.
The event proved a hit from start to finish and proves once again that the right partners are a key ingredient in any recipe for success.