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Premiering new global brand guidelines at one of the year’s biggest corporate events
Project Details
eBay Italy
Digital Marketing, Web Design + UX, Development, Video, Copywriting

When does an annual event come around only once in decade? When it’s the year you’re also premiering your new branding and look.
To build excitement for eBay Connect, the e-commerce giant’s second-biggest European seller event of the year, eBay asked us to help design all their digital communication: a save-the-date, landing pages, banner ads, triggered emails and newsletters. What made the event even more extraordinary was that it was the first big event in Europe to apply eBay’s new global brand guidelines.
Then, for the event itself, when over 1,000 top sellers gathered in Naples, Italy, for one action-packed day of education, inspiration and technical innovation, we were tasked with applying those new guidelines to range of physical formats as well, including totems, rollups and posters.
Add Power Point presentations and video editing into the mix, and the conference had the design and technical support to help wow the crowd and launch eBay Italy and their top Sellers into another year of shared success.