eBay Curvy Fashion Campaign

Shooting a body-positive fashion campaign for French women
Project Details
eBay France


eBay France approached us to create a landing page and ongoing campaign for plus-size clothing in the Fashion section of the site, the first of its kind for eBay in continental Europe.



Any fashion campaign requires the right images, but we quickly found that it was hard to find enough beautiful images of curvy models that met the needs of our campaign. So we organized our own fashion shoot to create the image bank we needed. We selected the models, found the location in nearby Como, and hired fashion photographers 46and2 Studio for the shoot and post-production.



With the image bank created, we designed and developed the landing page and optimized it for onsite search through keyword-triggered onsite banners. We also created onsite marketing and email campaign to drive eBay users to the page. The campaign is ongoing, and is refreshed seasonally.


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