Davinci Varese Shop Relaunch

We're all mad here
Project Details
branding, print, web design, development, copywriting

One of Varese’s premiere luxury fashion boutiques, since 1995 Davinci and its talented team of buyers have put together outstanding high-end clothing collections in their elegant setting under the arches on via del Cairo.
To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Davinci decided on a complete transformation of the look and style of the shop. And they commissioned Moskito Design, a trusted partner since 2010, to conceptualize and advertise every step of their relaunch, from window dressing to brochures and print ads to a new display website.
Spanning eight months and nearly four seasons, the project’s many permutations had to reflect the transformations of physical space and time and the variety of materials (web, print invitations, brochures and newspaper ads, window adhesives and 3D window displays) while capturing Davinci’s essence in its unique contrasts: the austere industrial beauty of their shop redesign and the exuberant hyper-femininity of their collections caught in the giddy disorder of a brand in transformation.
With their deserved reputation for inspiration and experimentation, for their shop relaunch party Davinci let us pull out all the stops. The concept we developed, We’re All Mad Here, is a stylish take on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and one girl’s journey through many transformations toward womanhood. With the nocturnal luxury of gold and black, the invitations’ teasing slide-out design was a sly wink to the Cheshire Cat. And the window design was the door into Alice’s topsy-turvy world, recreated within. Davinci asked us to cap it all off with a series of full-page print ads in the local paper, the Prealpina.
It was Alice who claimed to sometimes believe in six impossible things before breakfast, but as Davinci proved it only took a bit a madness and the right design partner to make at least one come true.