City of Parma Parma Energy

Creating a brand identity for a public energy efficiency initiative
Project Details
City of Parma
Branding, Print

If you’re a public institution wanting to help create change in the community, you know you’ve got to market and communicate that change clearly and effectively. And there are few changes more urgent now ― for Italian municipal governments, individual homeowners and the global climate ― than improving energy efficiency in homes.
To make sure residents would take advantage of new incentives for those improving the energy efficiency of their homes, the City of Parma and their communication partner Strategycom wanted a bright, bold and unique brand identity for the awareness-raising campaign.
We were tasked with creating the campaign’s identity, name and concept, logo and look. We then applied these to a digital marketing and print advertising campaign with display ads, posters, flyers and rollups.
This marks the latest in a series of Moskito Design projects, including those for the Varese provincial government and with the north-Milan cities of Legnano and Parabiago, that help municipal residents go green without going in the red.