CESVOV Vitamina C Brand creation

Building a brand for a new co-working space
Project Details

In 2016 Cesvov Varese (an office helping non-profit associations navigate government bureaucracy) came to us with an idea: to turn Varese’s historic Villa Perabò into a modern, branded, co-working space.
The idea was to not only to give freelancers and independents a place to work, but connect them with the people and resources to energize their activities, and boost their reach.
From this evolved the vitamin C concept ― through a process involving sector research, our initial proposals, further iteration and refinement. At every step we worked closely with Cesvov to define, develop and refine the name and logo.
Since its July 2016 inauguration, Cesvov has tasked us with creating a multitargeted Facebook campaign with illustrated digital images, and extended the campaign to printed flyers as well.
With a brand matching its purpose, Vitamina C is set to make a mark in Varese, but more importantly, to help freelancers and startuppers make theirs.