Aemme Linea Ambiente -RIFIUTI+SORRISI

An awareness-raising campaign to increase participation in municipal recycling
Project Details
Aemme Linea Ambiente
Branding, Digital Marketing, Print, Copywriting

Promoting environmentally-friendly behaviors is on the everyone’s agenda these days, especially for cities and the service providers that support them.
And when Aemme Linea Ambiente, a company specializing in waste collection and disposal, wanted to promote the municipal recycling initiative -RIFIUTI+SORRISI
(less waste, more smiles) in the north Milan municipalities of Legnano and Parabiago, communication agency Strategycom called on us to work to develop the brand.
We developed the campaign concept and name and created marketing materials for print (posters and brochures) and the web (web banners).
The campaign itself started with the teaser: a simple line in the form of a smile on a background that recalled recycled paper.
Then we created a series of posters playing on the second life of recycled objects, and created marketing materials including magnets and tray placemats.
For us this campaign is another important step in a series of projects on themes of energy and the environment, including Tariffa Puntuale (a smart payment system for the Carnago municipality) and Parma Progetto Energia (the city of Parma’s municipal energy efficiency scheme).